About MØTØMï
MØTØMï is a music producer living in Akita, Japan,
working as an architectural designer and making music with Garageband on iOS.


We met at an online event in Akita Prefecture at under COVID-19 crisis.
Later,we met offline in December 2022 and hit it off.
I told him that my dream was to put my original music in the movie that I made,
MØTØMï said, “I’m making music!
From there, we started weekly MTG (ongoing from July 2022 to the present).

The name of the project is “No Lesson, No Music”.

I give MØTØMï one Mac lesson, and he writes one song.
Currently, I do fieldwork around Japan and take photos and videos.
He creates music from these materials.
The project has evolved into a project where MØTØMï creates music from the material.
Here is the movie of the presentation in Akita, Japan.

Based on Nature x Fieldwork x Music x A bit of Ghibli

You can also listen to MØTØMï’s other music
MØTØMï had created the Untitled Collection before meeting me.
Untitled Vol. 9 and Untitled Vol. 10 are my favorites!
You will find a song that will become a lover of your ears!
You can also listen to MØTØMï’s other music here!
MØTØMï’s SoundCloud